Indian Post Track – Know How to Track Indian Speed Post

The online speed delivery tracker provides a reliable way to track the status of a mail courier sent in India through the postal service. This is an Express service that guarantees delivery of the package within 5 days in any part of India. When deploying an overseas shipment there’s a need for ems post. The delivery status of packages sent to international places can also be monitored via the India Post Tracking inquiries feature. Site online portal to track the traffic of the Couriers. Customers need AWB tracking numbers to obtain a tracking confirmation number. Those things. You can obtain a tracking number through this page. Read the full article to know more about Indian Post Track.

If you have posted a letter or any item to any of your relatives or a friend and want to know where your post has reached so far if you want to track your post then how will you do it? If you want to track Indian Post then you are on the right website. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Track speed posts and How to Track Indian posts. So without wasting your time, Let’s get started.

The purpose of writing this article is to give complete information about how Indian Post is tracked. You stay with me till the end of this article and know how to track Indian Post. If you are looking for a track Indian post or Track Indian Speed Post, DTDC Post then this article will help you to track Indian posts or other courier posts.

Indian Post Track

India Post is a government-operated postal system in India, which is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Post, Ministry of Communications of the Government of India. Generally called “the Post Office” in India, it is the most widely distributed postal system in the world.

Indian Post was founded on 1 October 1854, Founder – Government of India. Indian post office headquarters located on Headquarters: New Delhi. As per the wiki report, There are 416,072 (March 2021) employee works on Indian posts.

Employees:416,072 (March 2021)
Headquarters: New Delhi
Founder: Government of India
Founded: 1 October 1854
Subsidiary: India Post Payments Bank
Parent organization: Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

Stay with me till the end, we will discuss How to track Indian speed posts. Indian post tracking process is given below.

Registered Indian Post Tracking

The online speed mail tracking software provides a unique way of checking the status of the courier transmitted through the India postal department. This express service guarantees the delivery of the package within a period of 5 days to any part of India. For the sending of postal deliveries internationally, Ems has to be used. The shipment status of packages sent overseas can also be monitored using the online India post tracking inquiry feature.

The website web portal is intended to track speed posts of the. Sender. Customers should enter the number on the customer’s confirmation number. I’ll keep my items for you. The tracking number is provided for identifying the tracker. You know it.

The SpeedPost tracking system online offers a unique way of identifying the status of a courier that sends mail in India. It’s an express service that provides the delivery of the package in five days to any of India. For sending parcels internationally we need email.

The consignment status of packages sent to overseas locations can also be tracked by using the online India postal tracking query feature. The website Internet Portal is for tracking the speed posting of the Sender. The customer has to contact the AWB’s tracking numbers to receive their status.

Advantages of Speedpost

The primary role of the postal service is collecting, processing, transmitting, and distributing mail. The mailed items are collected by mail at 579595 postal boxes in the country. At major sites in the country, automation is being developed for the automation of delivery.

Track and trace facilities are offered for speed posts and registers. Customers can monitor and track mail by using special identification numbers of India Post Websites.

This project will maximize the already existing mail infrastructure with an aim to streamline core mail operations and improve operational procedures to facilitate efficient postal mail delivery

How Can I Track My Speed Post India?

Speed post tracking services are provided from Speed post-India – to check domestic and international parcels and consignments status. You also can track the current status of your passport delivery. We provide tracking details through a third party. No data is collected from India Post tracking official website India.

This site also reveals details about all speed post offices in India. Add your parcel tracking numbers and click-tracking speed button to monitor your parcel delivery status.

If you want to track Indian post/ Indian speed post then follow the below mention steps.

  • visit Indian Post official website –
  • Scroll down and find out Track N Trace
  • Now Enter consigment number
  • Enter shown image captcha
  • That’s it, Now click on Track Now.

Using Speed SMS Tracking

India Post customer care service number is provided below for all cities in India. EMS has offered a speed post service. You can track domestic or international shipping using our tracking service. This SMS has high case-specific text. This is strictly confidential.

We believe that we can offer our customers the best courier tracking solutions and have worked hard in maintaining this.

For Speed Post SMS Tracking: Email Post TRACK (Article Tracking number or EMO Number) message at 166 or 51969.

For example in the context of article No. EE223456782 is for those who want to track your money-order order.

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Track Speed Post Tracking Status

Indian Post tracker provides a new way of tracking couriers sending mail via Postal services in India. This is an express delivery service that guarantees delivery of the package within 5 days to any region of India.

The ems postal service is the main method of transport to the international countries. The shipping status of packages delivered internationally can also be traced via the Online Indian Post Tracking. The Online Portal for Monitoring the Speed of the Send Customers must provide AWB with the tracking code for the status verification.

Advantages of Registered Mail

The primary work of the Post Office is the collection, processing, transmission, and delivery of mail. Mail gets collected from 579595 letterboxes at 154979 post office in the country. Automated mail processing centers were established at major locations across the country to create automated mail grids. Track services are available for Speed Post article tracking and registration.

Customers can track the mail from the India Post website via a unique barcode number. Developed in 2008 by Post Office Project Arrow tries to improve the core operations which includes improving shipping efficiency for articles.

India Post Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently asked questions and their answers.

About Speed Post

Speed Post is a high-speed postal service provided by India Post. Started in 1986, it offers faster delivery of parcels, letters, cards, documents, and other important stuff

Free SMS alerts

If you post anything via speed post then you will get free SMS Alert from Indian Post

India Post types of courier services

Speed Post​​​​
Express Parcel.
Media Post.
Logistics Post.

How many days does a speed post take?

Generally, it takes 5 to 7 days to deliver your parcel

How can I track my lost speed?

You can track your post using AWB Number by visiting

Which items can be tracked by using India Post Online Tracking?

You can track anything by using your AWB Number.

Tracking Passport with Speed Post

Yes you can also track passport

Where can I get the India Post customer care number?

You can get all information by visiting

Does Speed Post deliver Sunday?


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