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Are you looking for Digital WhatsApp Group Marketing Technique and Digital WhatsApp group links ? if yes then you are on right website. So friends, in today’s article, I will tell you the best marketing method, By which a small level online seller can advertise more and more people online without investing anything, can do online marketing, can join more and more people in WhatsApp group And can do more and more sales with the help of that groups. So read this article till the end we will give you Digital Marketing WhatsApp group links , Promotional WhatsApp group links and i will also share tips and tricks to ingress WhatsApp group members

As everyone knows how big a thing is WhatsApp marketing in today’s date. WhatsApp marketing is not easy, there is no tool for WhatsApp marketing. The API of WhatsApp Business is available but it is very costly, not everyone can afford it.

Today I am going to tell you all the best way to do WhatsApp marketing. in this article we will know about what is WhatsApp group marketing. I will tell you step by step process, how you will do WhatsApp group marketing, how you will add more and more people to your WhatsApp group and sell them.

Digital Marketing WhatsApp Group Links

So friends, there is any kind of digital marketing, that list comes only on List creation. List creation means putting your audience into a particular list and updating that list continuously, sending them messages and communicate them.

Same can be done with WhatsApp business also. You can create your own group in WhatsApp. In today’s date, you can also create a close group, in which only you can send messages. There is a feature in WhatsApp that does not allow sending messages to everyone, in which only admins can send messages. And by becoming such a close group, you can add members to multiple groups and promote them.

stay with me till the end, i am going to give you bonus tips about WhatsApp groups promotion, so that you can promote your marketing WhatsApp groups, add more people to your group

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Digital WhatsApp Group Marketing Technique

As you know that only 256 people can add to any particular WhatsApp group, that is because WhatsApp only allows a certain number of people in a group. That’s why a lot of people do not know how to do WhatsApp group marketing – meaning they do not bring targeted people to their groups. Now I will tell you step by step process how you can connect with more people with the help of multiple WhatsApp group.

The first step is to create multiple groups, create at least 10, 15 groups on WhatsApp. Put logo and description in groups properly and Enter the policies and terms of the groups. After that make those groups private so that only admins can send messages in that groups. And get the invite links of that group, by doing this you have to include in each group as well and get the invite links of that group.

By doing this you make 15 groups, you put Dp in 15 groups, now I assume that you have 15 WhatsApp groups. Now how many people can you add to those groups? If you add 200 people in a group then you can add 15 * 200 = 3000 people. Now it is a matter of how will you promote those groups? So there is no need to worry, I am going to give you the solutions of this too.

How to Promote Digital Marketing WhatsApp Groups?

It is not so easy to promote WhatsApp groups. If you share your links by making a good post then you will definitely get members. You can promote your WhatsApp groups in social media. For example, you can promote your WhatsApp group links in platforms like Instagram and Facebook by making a good post.

Or if you want to promote your links on our website, you can drop your WhatsApp group links in the comment section below. We will definitely try our best to approve your links.

Join Digital Marketing WhatsApp Links

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How to Create WhatsApp Group?

Creating a WhatsApp group is very easy. Follow the steps given below and create your own WhatsApp group.

  • At first open your WhatsApp Account
  • Then click on 3 dot option , at the top right side corner
  • After that you will see an option “New Group” Click on it
  • Now choose group name and set group icon
  • Now enter group policy and conditions
  • That’s it, Follow those steps and own your WhatsApp group.

So that’s all for today’s articles, if you want more WhatsApp group links then you can tell us by commenting. And if you want to promote your WhatsApp groups, then drop your group’s link in the comment section below. We will try our best to approve your links.

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